20170220_104051-1Jen Melland grew up with an overactive imagination and started writing stories at an early age. Her first romance novel, Real Love, was written and completed when she was a mere sixteen years old. After getting married and honeymooning in Jamaica, Jen revised her novel to include the beautiful landscape she had witnessed and it was published by OakTara in 2013.

After a toddler-induced case of writer’s block (because who can seriously be creative and write when you have an adorable child tugging on your arm every two minutes?) Jen decided to take the next step in making writing her career and began her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing/Fiction from Southern New Hampshire University, which she will complete in mid-2019.

Jen enjoys working by day at a local credit union and contributes monthly to her hometown newspaper. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and as a couple they write & produce the travel and parenting blog, Little Wanderers.Visit Jen’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jenmellandauthor.