Sevilla de Nueva – Coming Soon!

Reid Dawson is a modern-day Indiana Jones who inadvertently stumbles onto a centuries-old secret: what if Christopher Columbus’ goal wasn’t only to discover new lands and riches, but also to find a place for the Spanish to hide their stolen treasure, safe from pirates and buccaneers until it could be shipped back to Spain? What if it was still hidden?

Determined to find the treasure, Reid hires Maya Fuentes, a brilliant yet sheltered history major at UCLA, knowing full well that she might walk away as soon as Reid tells her the truth—the only reason he hired her is because she may be the only one who can find the El Dorado treasure.

Swept into the jungle of Jamaica, chased by the Spanish government and corrupt guerrillas, Reid and Maya piece together the puzzle to find not only the treasure, but a love story centuries in the making.